Almost every developer tasked with creating an open world super hero game has ignored the force of attraction between two masses (more commonly known as “gravity”). This is best witnessed in Spider-Man. Developers have gone out of their way to adhere to the source material, creating realistic interpretations of web swinging, wall crawling, and acrobatic combat. However, almost every Spider-Man game breaks free from the source material for one move: the free wall run. Rather than having Spidey scamper up the wall on all fours, like he does in the comic, this tightly spandexed character possesses the ability to run freely on the wall. The laws of physics do not apply here. Developers created this move solely to open up exploration. Sure, it makes city navigation a breeze, but it’s bull----.
    The point of my rant is this: If you are making a game, and you are exploring ways to make city navigation an effortless affair for players, respect the laws of gravity, and moreover, if working with a licensed product, respect the canon. The best example of wall running respecting gravity is any Prince of Persia since The Sands of Time.

Culprits: Every Spider-Man Game, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Prototype