Over the last two weekends, most of my time (and I seriously mean most of it) has gone to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Now that my kill to death ratio is a healthy 1.11 (trending toward 1.5/1.6), I've been able to pull my head out of the fray to check out what has been going on in the community. Outside of someone having a 95.60 kill to death ratio (how is this even possible?), the coolest Modern Warfare 2 content is related to the throwing knife, the unsung hero of the weapon cache. Below you'll find two videos that showcase the knife being used for long range kills, something I'm sure Infinity Ward didn't anticipate. Having used the knives myself, I'd like to think that both shots featured are one in a million since I can't hit a stationary target at 10 feet. These shots cover half of the map. PLEASE NOTE: THE LONG RANGE KNIFE KILL FEATURES A DIRTY WORD AT THE END. COVER YOUR EARS.

Bouncing Knife Kill


Long Range Knife Kill