Earlier this week, LucasArts re-released The Force Unleashed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Dubbed the Ultimate Sith Edition, this version comes packaged with an exclusive Hoth level not available in the standard retail SKU, or as a download.

In a similar vein to the recently released DLC for Tatooine (which also comes packaged in this version), this level is a reimagined look at Empire Strikes Back's battle of Hoth, complete with AT-ATs, Lord Vader ordering snowtroopers around, and for whatever reason, dozens of angry wampas. The twist, outside of the wampas, is the insertion of Starkiller, who makes a dramatic appearance by leaping off of an AT-AT, and running into a cave just as a snowspeeder crash lands.

Starkiller's goal is to wipe out the Rebel Alliance, and of course, all of the angry wampas. As he works his way through the serpentine ice halls, neither the Rebels nor the wampas put up much of a fight. One of the Rebel troops wears a shield that blocks Force powers, but doesn't stand much of a chance against his saber. Taking out the Alliance isn't as much fun as I had hoped it would be. The repetition in the battles and bland visuals (look at all of the snow!) do little to give this familiar experience any life.

The only moment that stands out as something memorable is a laughably bad duel against Luke Skywalker, who oddly sounds more like the Robot Chicken caricature than Mark Hamill. This fiction tied to this fight breaks Star Wars canon in more ways than just altering the story, and is something I wish I never saw. Needless to say, this duel is a horrible conclusion to an otherwise lackluster level.

So, if you've already played through The Force Unleashed, steer clear of a second purchase, or even a rental. The Hoth level is not worth your time. Luke, who already holds the title of galactic loser, shouldn't be viewed in this disrespectful form.