Despite the slump in my success rate, I’m sticking with this exercise. It’s been a lot of fun to target my play time and check things off the lists.

It’s been a tricky few days, with the strange story of Henry and his deleted Destiny characters, the person accused of the act, and then finding the real culprit. At home, my daughter broke her leg, which meant gaming took a back seat. That’s also why this update is late.

This week, I’m being extremely conservative. Here’s the plan:

Dying Light

- At least an hour


- At least one match with friends

Free Choice

- At least two hours in one or more other games

Last week, while I strayed from my plan, I did get some gaming done. I dug out the Ghostbusters game from last-generation, and still found myself adoring the fan service. I also played on my iPad, putting more time into Transformers: Battle Tactics and Evolve Hunters Quest.

In the near future, I’ve been convinced to give Monster Hunter 4 a try. I’ll also be giving Final Fantasy XII another shot and hooking me. A friend recently encouraged me to give it another go, and I’m going to do my best.

Let me know how your goals are going. I appreciate all the comments and support on this little endeavor.