The harsh realities of work and home life are setting in, and I'm scaling back my gaming ambitions a bit further. Destiny is getting less play time right now since raiding groups aren't forming quite as quickly. That means my attention is turning to other games in larger doses.

For this week, I'm refocusing on three main titles (though I'll likely still put in time with Destiny). Here are my aspirations for this week:

Dying Light

- At least two more hours (Partially Complete)

Darkest Dungeon

- At least two more hours (Incomplete)


- Play a few matches online with friends (Incomplete)

I expect that I'll also be dabbling this week. There are a number of games on my backlog that I've wanted to try out. A lighter week of self-imposed commitments gives me the chance to wander.

Among the titles I want to try to get into are Persona 4 Golden (finally), play more Persona Q, and perhaps finally give Metroid Prime or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a go. My hope is that once things even out at home and work, I'll be able to be more ambitious with my goals again. For now, even these few things keep me gaming.