Well, last week proved to be a more complicated than I anticipated. Between a busy work week and doing a stint of single-parenting, my gaming goal progress wasn't as significant as I'd have liked. A couple of failed Crota's End runs also ate up some time I could have otherwise used for different endeavors.

On the plus side, I dug into Dying Light (along with Reiner and Jeff Cork). It's quite good so far.

With two financial calls this week (and another stint of being the sole parent in the house coming up), I'm being a bit more conservative this week. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish:


- Run Nightfall strike (with Warlock) [COMPLETED]

- Run Nightfall strike (with Titan) [COMPLETED]

- Run Weekly strike (with Warlock) [COMPLETED]

- Run Weekly strike (with Titan) [COMPLETED]

- Run Crota's End on normal (with Warlock) [INCOMPLETE]

- Run Crota's End on normal (with Titan) [COMPLETED]

Dying Light

- At least two more hours [COMPLETED]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

- At least two more hours [COMPLETED]


This list might not look terribly slimmed down, but pulling Vault of Glass out makes a huge difference. Also, attempting Crota's End on normal instead of hard since I'm not at level yet should be far more fulfilling (and maybe I'll get the drops I need). Wish me luck. I might need it this week.