Alas, week two of my gaming goals was a bit too ambitious. Between work demands and home life, I didn't get to as many different games as I would like. There is an upside, though. My Destiny progress was quite fruitful.

Last week, I only spent an hour playing Dragon Age: Inquisition (instead of the two I hoped to get in) and didn't get back to Grand Theft Auto V at all. I think I need to focus on only two main titles at a time. Three just pulls me in too many directions. 

In Destiny, I managed to get my first alt to 21 (beyond the goal of 15). I also managed to get a Vex Mythoclast from our Vault hard run. It was worth putting the extra time in. Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this week:


- Get my Warlock (main) to Eris Morn Rank 4 [COMPLETE]

- Get my Titan (first alt) to Vanguard Rank 2 [COMPLETE]

- Run Nightfall strike (with main) [COMPLETE]

- Run Weekly strike (with main) [COMPLETE]

- Run Weekly strike (with alt, if leveled enough) [COMPLETE]

- Run Crota's End on normal [COMPLETE]

- Run Crota's End on hard (if leveled enough) [COMPLETE]

- Run Vault of Glass on hard [COMPLETE]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

- Put in two hours or more (for real this time) [COMPLETE]

Honeycomb Hotel

- Complete a minimum of five puzzles [COMPLETE]

I want to thank reader Kris Grissom who helped get my Destiny Titan through ten levels of progression on Saturday. I'm now in the end-game phase with that character, and while there is work to do, it'll be viable for weekly content soon. 

Check back throughout the week to see how I'm progressing. Hopefully I'm able to get them all checked off.