In an effort to do more informal blogging this year, I decided to lay out some weekly gaming goals for myself. This will serve as a way to track the games I’ve played, my favorite moments, and (probably) some disappointments.

For the week of January 4, 2015, here’s what I hope to accomplish:


- Complete Nightfall Strike [COMPLETE]

- Complete Weekly Strike [COMPLETE]

- Complete Vault of Glass raid on Hard [COMPLETE]

- Complete Crota’s End raid [COMPLETE]

- Reach rank 3 with Eris Morn [COMPLETE]

- Fully upgrade Murmur Fusion Rifle [COMPLETE]

- Upgrade Bad Juju at least to “String of Curses” upgrade [COMPLETE]

- Upgrade Pocket Infinity at least to “Pocket Infinity” upgrade [COMPLETE]

Grand Theft Auto V

- Play at least two hours [COMPLETE]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

- Play at least two hours [COMPLETE]

Honeycomb Hotel

- Complete at least five puzzles  [COMPLETE]

As of the start of this week I have played two games in 2015 and completed zero. I’m headed into some longer titles, so I don’t expect that my completion list will skyrocket (unless I take breaks for episodes of the Telltale Games I’m playing).

If you have an iPad, I’d definitely recommend Honeycomb Hotel. It’s a hex-grid version of classic logic puzzles. I’ve always loved working these through on paper, and the digital expression of the concept works great.

Also this week, I’m planning on catching up on the most recent episodes of Haven and starting to watch Marvel’s Agent Carter, which premiered this week. Check back throughout the week for updates on my progress.