This week's CosBlog sees one Street Fighter fan's take on Cammy White throughout her various costumes and iterations. I think it's safe to say that cosplayer Illiara has taken a notoriously hard character to pull off and succeeded in spades. Enjoy!

Who: The Character
"The character I’m cosplaying as is Cammy White from the Street Fighter series. I’ve done several variations of her costume, Alpha, Delta, and Swimsuit (complete with tan lines)."

Why: The Decision
"I’ve been playing the Street Fighter series since growing up so I suppose that is what initially sparked my interest in Cammy. I always cosplay characters that I like from a series that I dig so it was inevitable that I’d cosplay as her eventually, but I was initially asked to be Cammy as a part of a Street Fighter cosplay group that a friend was putting together and I happily agreed.  Swimsuit Cammy came later based on a fanart I saw that had me in a fit of hysterics."

What: The Process

"Each costume took a different amount of time to create. I spent the most amount of time on Alpha Cammy, but it’s hard to guess how many hours went into it because another girl and I were creating accessories/costumes for about a dozen Shadowloo Dolls at the time. If I had to guess I’m say maybe around 10-15 hours? All of my Cammy costumes include copious amounts of spandex so it was tricky at first, but got easier the more I worked with it.

"The toughest part was out of all 3  costumes I think would have to be cutting that circle from the back of Aplha Cammy. Spandex is a little tricky to work with and I was nervous that cutting the hole in the back would turn out, eh, less than circular. My only disappointment with it is that since there is no tension in the back it leaves the sides a little saggy and I end up looking like a box. Haha! I was fairly new to working with spandex at that point so it was certainly a learning experience. :p"

Where and When: The Debut
"Alpha Cammy was debuted at Anime Vegas 2007. However, the costume received far more attention at Anime Expo; I think the size difference between the two conventions made a huge difference. Small cons rather than large cons are an entirely different experience. The Alpha Cammy pictures here were shot by Eric Joseph during Anime Vegas 2007.

Delta Cammy was premiered at Anime Vegas 2008 where I met the American Voice Actress from SFIV.  She was really excited to see a Cammy cosplayer and ran over to ask for a picture. I was totally stoked when she told me who she was and that she dug my costume. :D That was the convention that I discovered how impossible my gauntlets made it to take pictures with my camera! I ended up having to give it to a friend to take snapshots of costumes that excited me.  All of my Delta Cammy pictures were taken in San Francisco during Wonder Con. By Annisse Damfatale or Eurobeat King.

Tan Line Cammy debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2009. I wore it strictly for the sake of shooting, but had to go nab a friend in the convention hall so I wandered about a few minutes, saw a few other Street Fighter characters so we got a couple of pictures at the Capcom booth before heading out for the shoot.  Not a lot of people got the joke, but the ones that got it were super excited/amused by it. My favorite part about it was watching them think about it and then seeing the moment  of recognition occur. :D The pictures for Tan Line Cammy were shot by Benn Robbins.

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