Fanboys (and girls) are a special breed in the gaming world. With their zealous enthusiasm they single-handedly have the ability to make or break games, breathe life back into flailing franchises and (if they use their powers for evil) start flame wars across the Internet. Their undying devotion for a developer, game or character has spawned web-rings, epic works of art and the desire to participate in the ultimate fan tribute—cosplay. This weekly blog highlights some of the best cosplay found around the net. These fans put their blood, sweat and tears into their work, and it shows.

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This week I am featuring the work of a good friend of mine, Becky Young. Becky has an affinity for comic characters, usually one Emma Frost, so seeing her don the duds of a video-game character was a fun change of pace. Her Amy Sorel impressed many fans at SDCC this year (especially the red contacts!), where we walked the show floor together. You may even spy a picture of us prancing around below!

Who: The Character
Amy Sorel from Soul Calibur 4

Why: The Decision

Amy is the character that I play in the game. I have always loved her character and her background story.   Not to mention she is ridiculously cute and I felt that it would be a great challenge to get down the gothic/lolita look that she is going for.

What: The Process
This was the first costume that I took a lot of time with. In the past, my costumes have mainly consisted of pieces either purchased or created on the fly. This time around, I had the sword custom made, the outfit custom made. I created the boots/stockings and the hair pieces and had friends help me with the wig and neck piece. It was most definitely a labor of love that took a good 3 months to compile!

Where and When: The Debut
I debuted the costume at Comic Con this year. The photoshoot (actually, multiple photoshoots) took place at locations around the convention center. I am looking forward to reworking bits of the costume and doing a studio/on site location shortly that will give me even more great photos! I'm a big advocate of getting as much wear out of a cosplay costume as possible!

Links: The Cosplayer

Well, I'm the creator/manager of the Girls Entertainment Network, where you can find a LOT of amazing girl cosplayers. You can also find me at in There Will Be Brawl where I am currently portraying the part of Samus Aran in the monthly web series. Of course, you can also find me at where I keep up my personal blog. Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

The Gallery

Photo by Eurobeat King

Photo by Eurobeat King

Photo by Eurobeat King

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