During E3 2014, Nintendo was celebrating the looming release of the recently-announced Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. As part of this celebration, Nintendo held a big ol' tournament. As part of that tournament, Nintendo held an exhibition match between four journalists called the Media Rumble. Fran Mirabella from IGN, David Kepler from Gameswelt, Basara Sato from Famitsu, and, of course, Ben Reeves from Game Informer were all there to represent their individual outlets.

I decided to film Reeves' participation in the tournament, and four short years later, I finally took that footage and edited it into a 2.5 minute documentary feature short. It turns out I am not as good at, or as fast as editing video as Ben Hanson or Leo Vader. Enjoy!

The video is also available to watch on YouTube!