In a recent video, Bryan Vore I were discussing the use of the sprint button in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I was sure there is no run button, while Bryan was sure there definitely is a run button. Technically we were both right.

After beating the game’s final boss and concluding the video, Bryan and I ran some scientific experiments to get down to the bottom of the running conundrum. These involved running back and forth as Donkey Kong and holding down assorted buttons and trying out different control schemes. We’re preparing to submit our findings for peer review.

Bryan played Tropical Freeze using the d-pad control setup, in which holding the roll button is necessary in order to sprint.

Alternatively, I used the control stick setup to play. In that mode, there is no need to hold a button to sprint as pushing the control stick all the way in the appropriate direction activates the sprint.

Mystery solved.