A few years ago, my brother Tristan and I decided, for no particular reason, to try and make an animated Batman short. This is as far as we got.

I say, "my brother and I", but really he did most of the work. He did go to school for that sort of thing, after all.

We had a batcave toy from when we were kids, and a Michael Keaton Batman figure with a detachable costume. I don't remember if we set out to make something goofy, but once we realized that his knees were not posable, we decided to make him a drunk.

After about an hour or three of work, this 12-second clip was as far as we got, and as I've come to accept over the years, the furthest we ever will.

Below is a slightly longer director's cut of sorts. Tristan took all the footage (including what precious few seconds I cut from the one above), added some post-production, and made it fancy.

For more bizarre projects that me and my brother have done together, check out this amazing piece of music I created. Tristan snapped the photo above of Bruce "Michael Keaton" Wayne looking awesome with his single boot.