“If at first, you don’t succeed, try try again!”

This is a common phrase that I believe most of us are familiar with, in one way or another.  If not, you might find yourself muttering this while you toil away on Team Shifty’s new game, Mr. Shifty.


Mr. Shifty is a teleporting thief that uses his gift to steal from wealthy and evil business men all while rocking an awesome blue trench coat.  But do not fear, you will not be facing these challenges alone. Nyx is your friend and slightly bossy side kick and voice in your ear. She will point the way to your next objective and also at times, point out the very, very obvious dangers and traps laid before you.

While progressing through the building you will be challenged to defeat waves of a variety of enemies armed with a variety of weapons. Do not fear, this evil corporation did not spare any expense on their weapons.  Armed with only your teleporting skills and your fists, you must take down heavily armed thugs with shotguns, machine guns, flamethrowers, and many other things that go boom.


The challenge this game provides is the ability to keep an eye on multiple moving targets and traps as you make your way through to the next room. Sometimes these rooms will teach you about some new traps that lay ahead or of some new trick to prevent you from teleporting away from danger. Each time you enter a new room, you will be asking yourself, “I wonder, what new dangers will I face in this room!”.

The slow escalating difficulty of the game made me feel that it was teaching me how to handle what might lie in store further in the game. Even when I died from a simple mistake I caught myself saying, “Okay, I got this!”. Getting myself ready for my next attempt at the new challenge the developers laid before me. Never at any point did I feel like the game was too difficult or that it was impossible to win.

Having a level of challenge to your game but not making it so hard players want to leave the game is a hard balance to find. Team Shifty did a great job finding a way to make the player feel awesome playing the game but also made them think through a fight instead of going in with fists flying!


The story of Mr. Shifty is not something that will make you think and want to change our lives, but the writers for the game did a great job making small and well-timed jokes that made the adventure all that more memorable.

In the end, Mr. Shifty is a great addition to any gamers collection. Whether it’s on the PC, Switch, or your console of choice it’s a fun game to play and show off to your friends.

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