Heroes of Ruin is one of the most ambitious 3DS online gameplay offerings. So I figured we should have a GIO group/clan/whatever you call it for this game. So here are my rules for joining

1. You have to be a GIO member. Now I know it seems like I'm asking to much and that it seems tightly controlled but it's for an obvious reason.

2. Have a copy of Heroes of Ruin and a 3DS for obvious reasons.

3. Be willing to share your 3DS friend code. Can't risk outsiders prancing or swooping (which is bad) into our clan raids like they're invited.

4. In order to join, ask me. That's all there is to it once you fulfilled the requirements

Once the membership numbers reach three and above, I'll start a forum thread for the group. If someone who can make a group would like to make one for the clan just tell me and I should say yes under all probable circumstances.


Now here's some rules to make sure there is some order

1. No profanity over Voice Chat. 

2. Voice Chat is allowed but not required. It is recommended you do use it however there is nothing wrong with not using voice chat.

3. Person who finds loot first gets it and does what they want with it. It's more fun then my old rules on it.


Things about the group explained in a Questions and Answer format

Q: How is this going to work with the four heroes per party limit.

A: In our raid sessions if there is at least six clan members who want to be in it, we will have multiple sessions. For example if six people want to be in it, we will assemble into two parties of three heroes or one full party and a party of two. However for the times when we can't have enough sessions for everyone, the person left out gets to host the next clan raid session.

Q: How are things going to be arranged?

A: Clan Raid sessions will be scheduled on the forum thread or group (when we get one).

Q: How will raid sessions be announced?

A: Via forum and Swapnote for the members that have it.

Q: Why are you calling them raid sessions?

A: Because of WOW making the term popular enough for me to know about it. Besides, names aren't that important for stuff like that. If someone has a better or more proper term just tell me.

Q: I have some issues with the rules here, can you change them?

A: Just bring up your issue with me and I'll see if I can change them. I already changed the loot rules based on feedback. We haven't had a session yet so we'll see how well they work.

Well, hope this wasn't a horrible read. I hope you consider joining this group/clan if you have a copy of Heroes of Ruin. If you need something explained that I forgot to I'll edit it into the blog.