PAX Prime is home to cosplayers, giant bear statues, escalators, and at least one gigantic Pikachu. We took pictures of all of it, just in case you didn't believe us.

This guy (Ziggs from League of Legends) greets everyone heading upstairs. He's very happy to see you.

In the middle of a hall filled with the biggest games of the future, Burger Time commands one of the larger screens for some reason.

Here are those escalators I mentioned.

Turns out Super Smash Bros. is really popular. Either that or people just really like towels.

More like Big Brass Boss.

It's a mechanical bull dragon. Unfortunately, I didn't catch anyone attempting to ride it.

A tank from World of Tanks guards's booth.

Twitch has a massive booth bathed in purple light.

It's like you're really on Pandora, which realistically would be a dangerous, terrifying experience.