In this special bonus episode of Replay, we take a look at the original incarnation of Strider on the NES. Myself and Ben Reeves are joined by comedians Arj Barker and Louis Katz as we travel the world and discuss the differences between Strider's interpretation and the real world version of Australia, where Arj Barker lives half the year.

From left to right: Louis Katz, Arj Barker, The Last Dragonborn, and two losers. (The Last Dragonborn is the one in plaid shorts)

Both Arj Barker and Louis Katz are accomplished comedians releasing assorted specials and appearing on Comedy Central as well as late night night shows such as Jimmy Fallon's. You may also recognize Arj Barker from the HBO comedy, Flight of the Conchords where he played the titular duo's American, pawn shop owning friend Dave. For more on Louis Katz, you can check out his website. For more on Arj Barker, you can check out his website.

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