Looking at victory stats (PS3) from Dark Souls II: Beyond The Bonfire, there are three bosses that have been bested considerably less than the rest. Not surprisingly, these bosses are all optional, so some players may not even know they exist. Be warned that we’re heading into serious spoiler territory, especially if you’re just picking up the game for the first time to play on PC.

Vendrick (233,590 victories)

The once-proud king of Drangleic greets players that discover him in the crypts with an aimless shamble and a melancholy tune playing in the background. Most players will simply loot the King’s Ring and move on from this location. Some may throw a few attacks at the fallen noble and walk off. Keep hammering away, and the corrupted lord will become a serious boss fight. While Vendrick’s attacks are highly telegraphed, they are incredibly lethal, so proceed with caution. A player would be wise to accumulate Giant’s Souls from a bit later on in the game before attempting battle with Vendrick, as each will increase the damage you deal to the king significantly and make the fight much easier.

Darklurker (128,866 victories)

To access the Darklurker encounter players must make contact with Darkdiver Grandahl at three out of the way locations and then join the Pilgrims of Dark. Grandahl is located in a hole in the ground in the Shaded Woods (Go all the way to the right, don’t go up the ramp to the scorpion boss, and drop down the hole), the Black Gulch in a room you’ll need the Forgotten Key to get into (From the giants in the Black Gulch, jump off the ledge just after the second tunnel worm), and finally in Drangleic Castle near the King’s Gate bonfire. You’ll have to go in and all the way to the back left door in the room full of Ruin Sentinels and drop down a hole there. After meeting Grandahl in these locations, you can now travel to the Chasm of Old from each location by paying him a Human Effigy each time for passage. Once you complete all three areas, you will be able to take on the Darklurker.

The four-armed, two-winged angelic Darklurker can be a challenging fight depending on your build. It’s important to know that at around 50% the Darklurker will split into two and things can get quite spicy from there.

Ancient Dragon (121895 victories)

Most players meet the Ancient Dragon as part of their storyline progression and never think to do battle with the creature, theorized by many to actually be Aldia or a creation of Aldia and not actually a dragon, as the beast drops a Giant’s Soul. The fight offers little room for error, and can be accessed by simply attacking the dragon three times.