Update: The live stream is over, but you can watch a video replay down below.

Do you want to watch Game Informer's newest editor, Daniel Tack, lumber around in a giant, bipedal war machine? Do you want to see him rack up outrageous kill counts? Of course you do! We know Daniel is capable of getting into a titan, but we're not so certain about the outrageous kill counts comment. It'll be interesting to see how he fares on the battlefield today in this live stream. We're kicking off the fun today at 3 PM CT, and are running for at least a couple of hours, or if things go poorly, until you send Daniel running out of the room with tears streaking out of his eyes.

As always, we'll have a comments feed going over at Twitch.TV. To participate and watch us kick butt, click the link below and sign in. See you in the feed!