Game Informer's roots begin in the early '90s. In an era before reliable computer communication, our publication received and archived piles of physical press releases, fact sheets, and other slices from gaming history. Past dives into the GI archives brought up a fact sheet for a canceled 16-bit fighting game based on DC's Lobo and concept art from Twisted Metal. My most recent expedition into the packed filing cabinets revealed a quirky little profile of Nintendo's most beloved bounty hunter: Samus Aran. The long lost profile on Samus touches on her galaxy-protecting power suit and mysterious beauty.

The profile is clearly a promotional material for the impending release of SNES title Super Metroid. It references Samus' successful adventures on the NES and Game Boy, and also points to 1994 as the upcoming release date. This odd piece of concept art shows off Samus' look before becoming the blue-suited blondie we know today. The green-eyed, purple-haired amazonian reveals that her favorite new "weapon" is an X-ray scanner in a faux interview. This brief piece of lost Nintendo memorabilia is a must-see for fans of the series.