For the vocal base of first-person shooter fans who have criticized publishers for pushing out short single-player campaigns in favor of focusing on multiplayer, 2013 offered a respite. With longer campaigns in BioShock Infinite, Metro: Light, and Dead Space 3, players had several options to explore. The multiplayer front had a rougher year, with fewer options to choose from and server issues preventing players from joining the fray. That said, we still had a lot to celebrate. Here are our picks for the 2013 shooter genre awards.

Best Campaign: BioShock Infinite

When disgraced former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt accepts a job to rescue a woman from the floating city of Columbia, he has no idea how completely his life is about to be altered. BioShock Infinite's mind-bending plot kept us keenly engaged with the action through the campaign. As the secrets of this floating city and a woman with the ability to tear the fabric of reality with her mind are revealed, we start to realize there is a lot more going on between these two lead characters than we originally thought. 

Best Character: Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Rex "Power" Colt is part man, part machine, and all badass. Delivering a steady stream of bullets and one-liners toward anyone who stands between him and getting revenge on his former superior officer, this Mark IV Commando is a callback to the glory days of '80s action heroes. He's at his best on the field of battle, so if you waste his time by exploring the open world for collectibles, he's not afraid to tell you how stupid you are for doing so.

Best Setting: Columbia – BioShock Infinite

We visited a lot of visually stimulating settings in 2013, but none matched the allure of Irrational's floating city in the sky. From the moment we were baptized in the Welcome Center and gained entrance to Columbia, we had a hard time concentrating on the gunfights given the impressive sights of this fictional city from a bygone era. Exploring the Columbian culture in Soldier's Field, the inner workings of Fink Manufacturing, and the impoverished abodes in Shantytown was just as enriching as the excellent narrative.

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