Back in June, while we were at E3, Apple revealed that iOS 7 supports gamepads. This made Android and Windows 8 phone and tablet gaming a bit more appealing. Today we learned that iOS 7 will be here next week, but there was no mention of the gamepad support we've been waiting for.

Not only did Apple exclude gamepad support from its presentation, but the iOS 7 page with the biggest firmware updates doesn't even mention games. It's confounding, especially after the company called attention to this new feature back in June.

Plenty of games would benefit from having a physical controller. I would love to play Deus Ex: The Fall, for instance, but the touch controls make it unbearable. The Drowning, which popped onto the scene and fizzled away quickly, might get a second chance if people were able to enjoy the first person shooting without miserable touch implementation.

Those of us who love our Apple iDevices have been waiting for gamepad support. Apple likely won't have a peripheral of its own this year, nor did they give the stage to a competent third-party like MOGA to show off what's being done.

Without mention of the peripheral support or games on the company's biggest stage, I don't have my hopes up that the feature will be anything more than lip service for a long time. Here's hoping at least one developer proves me wrong.