And you thought social media was out of control now? In Remember Me, a game set in the year 2084, 99 percent of Earth's populace records their memories and shares them on the Internet. The recording technology is a brain implant called the Sensation Engine (Sensen), created by the Memorize Corporation. What started out as a technology that enables legal voyeurism, abuse of Sensen has given rise to a new type of terror, a new type of addiction, and new problems for the world. Memory-addicted humans live in squalor beneath the city. "Errorist" terrorist groups plot to take down Memorize. There are also memory hunters who possess the ability to alter or delete memories. When a memory is altered, the sharer believes it to be real.

In Remember Me, you play as memory hunter Nilin. This Test Chamber episode shows how Nilin's story begins. It isn't what you would expect. Ben Reeves, Jason Oestreicher and I explore these moments, and also show off the game's combat and exploration systems. After checking out this episode, give Ben Reeves' review a read. If you plan on playing the game, heed Mike Futter's advice and read Remember Me's journal first to get a better grasp on the world. Enjoy the episode, folks.

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