If you checked the site earlier this morning, you learned that the long-dormant The Last Guardian is back in the news. It seems that we may be seeing its first official appearance in quite some time next week, and it got us thinking of the long road it's taken to get here.

June 2009 – The Last Guardian debuts via a trailer at E3.

September 2010 – New trailer debuts, and holiday 2011 release is announced

September 2010 - Fumito Ueda speaks at a TGS panel, providing details about the game

March 2011 - New gameplay details emerge

April 2011 – Ueda announces that the intended 2011 release date has been delayed

December 2011 – Confusion abounds when GameStop sends automated call stating that pre-orders have been canceled

December 2011 – Ueda departs from Team Ico, but will stay on the project as a contractor

December 2011 – Executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama leaves the project

February 2012 – Sony's Shuhei Yoshida reassures gamers that the game is still going to see release

February 2012 – Sony Santa Monica enlisted to help with development

May 2012 – Sony stays tight-lipped about the game's status, but says it's still in development

June 2012 – No details about the game are revealed at E3

August 2012 – Gamers panic about SCEA abandoning The Last Guardian's trademark, but it's a false alarm

February 2013 – Ueda (now a contributor) gives vague update on the game

June 2013 – The Last Guardian pops up on official E3 site

Fans of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been looking forward to Team Ico's upcoming title for some time, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll learn more next week. For a look back at what the game is all about, click to the next page to read former Game Informer editor Annette Gonzalez's lengthy feature from our November 2010 issue.