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The Other Brothers Jumps This Week’s Mobile Lineup

A long-awaited Super Mario Brothers-style game finally makes its way to mobile this week with plenty of appealing followers.

The Other Brothers

Price: $.99

Developer: 3D Attack Interactive

Platform: iOS

There has been a lot of talk about the Super Mario Brothers look-a-like, The Other Brothers, and it has finally made its way to the Apple App store. Somewhat reminiscent of the old Nintendo-style graphics, this game has the familiar-looking brothers on a rescue mission to save Tavy from a couple of bad guys. After a failed Kickstarter project, 3D Attack Interactive pulled the game up on an Indiegogo campaign and it was finally successful.


Price: $3.99

Developer: Frogmind

Platform: iOS

A strange and dark platformer, Badland let’s you play an odd flea creature amidst a number of dark levels. You can collect power-ups to change the size of your “flea” or the speed. 


Dragon Blast

Price: Free

Developer: Josh Presseisen

Platform: iOS

Very much like Angry Birds, Dragon Blast is a cute, scaly version of the beloved physics-puzzler, except with flying fireballs and a medieval twist. 


Dream Chaser 

Price: $.99

Developer: Chillingo Ltd.

Platform: iOS

Remember the bonus levels in early Sonic the Hedgehog games on Sega Genesis? This game is an endless runner that feels all too familiar. Collect the glowing orbs and avoid the rock-like obstacles.

Eyes – The Horror Game

Price: $.99

Developer: Gameverse Paulina Pabis

Platform: iOS

Liked Slender? You’ll enjoy this horror mobile game. You have orders to break into an old house to steal some money bags, but that’s not all that waits for you. Explore the house and its many rooms and collect the money bags before it’s too late.