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Kingpin Lane Leads Mobile Gaming Week 3-22

Interact in a unique bowling experience with Kingpin Lanes or play a boy determined to get his best friend back in Fetch. This week’s mobile games all deliver an exhilarating escapade. 

Kingpin Lanes

Price: $1.99

Developer: Speedbump

Platform: iOS

Utilizing the Unreal Engine and showcasing gorgeous graphics, Kingpin Lanes take mobile bowling to a whole new level. Roll a strike, save up and buy a fancy new ball, or even play the arcade games in the bowling alley. It’s a fully interactive environment aside from the game of bowling. 

Chopper Mike

Price: $1.99

Developer: VAMflax

Platform: iOS

A magically-tantalizing game where the object is to masterfully maneuver Chopper Mike through the several different levels and collect the gems. It’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Dream Tim

Price: $1.99

Developer: LovApps

Platform: iOS

Tim has fallen asleep, and his nightmares are worse than he could have ever imagined. In this endless runner, swipe everything you see and build up points while destroying enemies. It’s like Fruit Ninja on steroids. 


Price: $4.99

Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc

Platform: iOS

An iPad game dedicated to the retrieval of man’s best friend, Fetch is an adventure game about a boy and the journey to get his dog back. 

Smash The Office

Price: $.99

Developer: Tuokio Inc.

Platform: iOS

Having a bad day at work? Take out your anger in this smash-em-up app. Destroy the office with bombs, mallets, and other destructive weapons. Need I say more?