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Sonic Dash Leads This Week’s Mobile Gaming

From a classic favorite like our blue hedgehog friend to fishing to a dark physics- based puzzle game, this week’s selection of mobile games has an adventurous side. 

Sonic Dash

Developer: SEGA

Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS

You know I couldn’t resist putting a Sonic iOS game in this week’s lineup. Recently named the number two most-downloaded paid app, Sonic Dash let’s you control Sonic (and unlock other characters with game progression) as he zips through levels collecting rings. Don’t confuse this with the Sonic Dash app for Android – that’s just a wallpaper app for the game. 

Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption

Developer: Vlambeer

Price: $2.99

Platforms: iOS

You play as the hook in this fishy action game. Dive down into the deep and avoid jellyfish. Collect as many fish as you can on the way up. Then shoot the fish and launch them in the air. Be careful: Jellyfish give you a score penalty if you hook them. 

Danger Boat

Developer: Pixelocity Software LLC

Price: free

Platforms: iOS

In Danger Boat, you control the boat and avoid obstacles. Gain special power-ups to blast obstacles out of the way or dash ahead at full speed temporarily. 


Developer: Nicalis, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS

When I first saw this game, I immediately thought of Limbo. Though I’m not much of a puzzle fan, I loved Limbo. NightSky offers similar physics-based puzzles that require strategic thinking and quick decision-making. 

Rock Bandits – Adventure Time

Developer: Cartoon Network

Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS

Maybe one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network right now, this adventure game has Finn and Jake battling enemies to save Marceline’s stolen fans. You fight your way through a number of levels and customize Finn’s sword along the way.