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Temple Run: Oz Runs This Week’s Mobile Games

From a special, cinematic twist on a mobile favorite to sinking the 8-ball in a corner pocket, this week’s mobile games deliver a thrilling mobile gaming experience. 

Temple Run: Oz

Developer: Disney

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS, Android

Disney decided to put a new spin on the classic Temple Run by shrouding the game in an Oz theme. Levels contain familiar settings of the classic children’s story following the Yellow Brick Road. 

Angle Isle

Developer: Rusty Moyher

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

Angle Isle’s gameplay is simple. Collect the red diamonds and make it across the level safely. As a bird you’re making your way across land, when out of nowhere a shark jumps up and tries to swallow you. The further you progress through the level the more and more difficult it becomes to avoid the shark. 

Danmaku Unlimited 2 – Bullet Hell Shmup 

Developer: Sunny Tam

Price: $4.99

Platforms: iOS

Reminiscent of a game like Beat Hazard with its flashy weaponry and explosive, almost psychedelic effects, Danmaku Unlimited 2 is Space Invaders times 100. Blow up the incoming spaceships and bump up your high score. 

SpikeDislike 2

Developer: James Gamble

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

SpikeDislike 2 takes counting sheep to the next level. Control the items (whether it’s a sheep, cat or something else) in order to clear the obstacles. Unlike the first Spike Dislike, the second installment has the elements of the level matching the overall theme to create a new gameplay experience every level. For example, you control a sheep to clear fences. 

8-Ball Pool

Developer: Miniclip.com

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS 

This app pits you against other live players in a game of 8-ball. The game allows you to line up your shots with trajectory markers since there is a virtual disadvantage. It’s a simple game for those who aren’t too familiar with the game of 8-ball.