If you're on this site, chances are you can hum a good amount of game music just off of memory. Hell, plenty of people who have never played a game in their life can instantly recognize the Mario theme. However, things aren't always as pleasant as exploring Zelda's overworld while listening to sweeping, iconic tunes. We've all had times in which we've scrambled to the options menu to turn music down or even turn the damn game off. Here's our big list of the biggest offenders.

The Adventures of Rad Gravity - Title Screen (NES)

We'll start with one of the worst tracks on this entire list, but it's also one that several of us have become weirdly fond of after repeated viewings.

Mario Party 2 - Honeycomb Havoc (Nintendo 64)

This one doesn't start out offensively bad, but the looping tune becomes gradually more annoying as you play this luck-filled minigame.

Doom - The Imp's Song (32X)

This sounds like a smoke detector going off while a car sits outside with its bass turned up too high.

Gears of War - Cole Train rap (Xbox 360)

Ending credits raps were lame even when Tone Loc did it for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Cole Train's rap after the first Gears of War was not an exception.

Resident Evil: Director's Cut - Mansion Basement (PSone)

According to the top YouTube comment, this track sounds like "Charlie Brown's parents having sex." That comment isn't wrong.