Game Informer's Replay crew has played a ton of crappy games. First there was Overblood, then Galerians, then Overblood 2, then Cyberia, and we just finished up Blue Stinger. While these games are unforgivably awful, I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything. From the statue falling on Raz Karcy in the first hours of Overblood to Dogs Bower's jean shorts, we've shared a lot of good memories with the Replay community. However, I've been jumping on the proverbial grenade by playing all of these stinkers to completion. To reward my gaming martyrdom, the rest of the crew let me choose a game I thought might actually be fun to play. What a novel idea. I chose Luigi's Mansion.

The fact that this Super Replay lines up with the 3DS sequel, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (out March 24), is just a happy coincidence. I missed out on the first game when I got a GameCube, instead focusing on Super Smash Bros. Melee and Rogue Squadron II: Red Leader. In the following years I learned I missed out on some quirky, ghost-busting fun. Recent hands-on time with the 3DS sequel further solidified the fact that I needed to play this game. So here were are, huddled around a purple Nintendo console, ready to beat the sucker.

Join Dan Ryckert, Jeff Cork, Andrew Reiner, and me as we don the green cap of Mario's brother to celebrate Nintendo's official Year of Luigi with Luigi's Mansion.

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