From kicking a cat around to wandering the dark woods on an introspective journey into mystery and the supernatural, this week’s mobile games deliver entertainment in unique ways.


Developer: Kenneth Wong

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

Nostalgic for hacky-sack? HackyCat is a mobile version of hacky-sack where the object is to keep the cat in the air for as long as you can by shaking your device, which causes your player to kick the cat. The longer you go, the more cats drop from the sky and the harder the challenge becomes. 

Puzzle Restorer

Developer: Gavina Games

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS, Android TBA

I’m not much of a puzzle-goer, but for those who are, this game might tickle your left-brain. With a limited number of brush strokes and blobs to restore the “painting”, the game becomes increasingly difficult. You must efficiently fill in the necessary squares to win. 

Relic Rush

Developer: Josh Presseisen

Price: $.99

Platforms: iOS

Take Indiana Jones and mix it with 8-bit Super Mario and you have Relic Rush, a surprisingly entertaining adventure game. You travel from level to level and avoid enemies and conquer obstacles to make it to the next. 

Year Walk 

Developer: Simogo

Price: $3.99

Platforms: iOS

Threaded with stunning graphics and an eerie, mesmerizing art style, Year Walk is a first-person adventure game delving into the narratives of Swedish folklore. Supernatural tendencies and the exploration of the mysterious woods make it disturbing yet enticing. Find clues, crack puzzles and meet characters to climb your way through the narrative. You can also pair it with the free Year Walk Companion, the reference guide to the game.