Update: We've added a few games and corresponding entries to our list of cancelled games. The new items on the list below have an orange star next to them (*), or you can click here to read all the new entries at once. Enjoy! Or don't, because these games will likely never release, so we will probably never get to enjoy them.


Sometimes games don't make it to the finish line. Sometimes a game's cancellation is a huge disappointment. Sometimes, we don't even know a game exists until it gets canceled. Other times a game gets canceled so early in development that we never even hear about it (these obviously won't be included on the list). This is our evolving database of all the known games that have been canceled for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, ans Wii. Many of the games on this list haven't received official cancellations, but the evidence points to their disappearance. If they suddenly surface we will be more than happy to remove them from this list. If a game is suddenly canceled, however, you can bet it will show up here.

We want to keep adding to this list as much as possible, so check back time to time. Maybe the the sequel you are most excited about will make the list soon!