Looking for that perfect gift to get a fellow role-playing gamer? How about ideas for your own holiday list to give friends and family? I searched for some not-so-obvious gift choices that cater to RPG fans really invested in specific series. Today, we’ll look at gift ideas for franchise fans of Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and World of Warcraft. What better way to spend Black Friday than to find more gifts to buy? 

Persona Fan

Don’t know what to get the Persona fan who likes to reach out for the truth? This year, you’re in luck, as there’s some great options for those who have come to love the series, especially the characters.

Persona 4: The Animation Collection 1: For those who don’t know, Persona 4 now has an anime incarnation, appropriately titled Persona 4: The Animation. Right now only the first volume is available, but in a surprising turn of events, the Blu-ray edition is actually cheaper on Amazon.com than the DVD version. The anime follows Persona 4’s plotline, but fleshes out some characters more than the game.  

Persona 3 and 4 T-shirts: Of course, you can never go wrong with a t-shirt, and surprisingly enough, if you’re willing to look on the internet, plenty of t-shirts options are available so you can don the lore. Sanshee.com has its very own “Every Day’s Great At Your Junes,” shirt and sweatshirt. But Persona 3 fans should look to Redbubble.com for a wide variety of shirts featuring just about every character (along with Persona 4 ones). Some of my favorites are the Persona 3 FES shirt, featuring 3’s iconic main character and persona. Another cool shirt features our favorite robot girl Aigis.

Collectable Figures: We’re hardly done here; the Persona-verse also has many figurines, including this Persona 4 Chie and Yukiko set that’s releasing in December in time for the holidays. Individual figures also make their mark with Yukiko – complete with her silly joke glasses. Old-school Persona 2 fans will probably revel in being able to own a Lisa Silverman figure; the figure isn’t cheap, but it’s not something you see on the store shelf everyday.

Persona 4 Golden Soundtrack: And if you the person you’re buying for is more into the addictive J-pop music of the franchise, the Persona 4 Golden soundtrack won’t steer you wrong. The soundtrack has 15 tracks and all are new compositions or arranged tracks from the PS2 release.  

Kingdom Hearts Fan

Don’t want to depend on Hot Topic to get your Kingdom Hearts gifts? We have some choices that you won’t see everybody else with. 

Heartless Cosplay Hat: This hat is awesome. Spoiler: I have my own. Right now, your best chance to get it is from reputable Amazon seller Anime Santa. The hat is a fun, inexpensive gift that’s sure to get any Kingdom Hearts fan smiling, and then you get to laugh as they wear it around. 

Riku and Sora Shirts: Redbubble has some awesome and unique Kingdom Hearts gear. Are you a Riku fan? Maybe you like Sora more, in that case check out this shirtThe store is filled with Kingdom Hearts shirts, but I liked the simple and clean (see what I did there?) design of the Sora and Riku shirts best. 

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection - Melodies & Memories CD: This compilation CD is pretty special. It was put out not only to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, but Square Enix also let fans dictate the most memorable pieces from the series through a poll. The result is a fantastic mix all fans can share.  

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Jacket: SixOnClothing has an etsy shop where they sell handmade, casual cosplay wear, but nothing could be a bigger gift to Kingdom Hearts fans than an Organization XIII hoodie. Will you accept the darkness? Better act quickly: only one is available. 

Mass Effect Fan

Commander Shepard’s journey may be over, but the legacy will never die. The amount of memorabilia out there to remind people of Shepard and her crew’s journey is remarkable. 

Commemorative Figures: A trip to the BioWare store gets you access to fan-favorite Garrus Vakarian standing in style. The store also offers Commander Shepard posing with the infamous omni blade; unfortunately, it’s just male Shep, but a fem Shep figure is coming in February. 

Mimobot Flash Drives: The mimobot flash drives at BioWare’s store are absolutely adorable, especially the Liara one. The time has come to save your files in style.

Wrex, Garrus, and Mordin Shirts: The t-shirts are usually what being a Mass Effect fan is all about, and I find the more obscure, the better. Redbubble once again proves it has shirts that are unlike any others out there. Wrex and Garrus fans are sure to get a kick out of this “Turiansosaurus Wrex” shirt with an image of the two buddies teaming up in combat. The fan in me also couldn’t help but get excited about this Solus M.D. shirt. But for those looking for a more obscure reference that only Mass Effects fans will get, this Archangel symbol shirt is hard to top.

Keep reading for gifts for your Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and World of Warcraft loved ones.