Deadly Premonition became a cult hit when it released on Xbox 360 in 2010, and PlayStation 3 owners soon get to see why with the upcoming director's cut. Though opinions are divided with regards to the quality of Deadly Premonition's gameplay, the music is one area that most players adore. While waiting for the extended PS3 version to hit in March, veterans can listen to these tracks to relive the adventure, and newcomers can brace themselves for the strangeness to come.

Greenvale Theme

This is the music that introduces players to the town of Greenvale, as two kids playing around near the woods find a horrific crime scene. It does a great job introducing the mystery in a cinematic way, and the haunting melody and the grim violence complement each other well.

Life is Beautiful

Just hearing this conjures up images of long conversations and extraneous chest-tapping. This is the all-purpose "nothing super exciting is happening" music, but it's so catchy and pervasive that it basically becomes the signature song of the game. Bonus: The remix

The Woods and the Goddess

This is the "Previously on Deadly Premonition…" music, playing underneath a brief recap of recent events whenever you load up your save file. This song always makes me inexplicably happy, probably because it has been burned into my mind as meaning "Hey, you're about to play a bunch of Deadly Premonition!" Good times.

Deputy Willie's One Tough Chap

At one point in the game, you need to chase a dog named Willie around for a while. This is the music that plays. What else needs explaining?

Amazing Grace

Okay, this song is totally public domain, so it may have made the final cut just because it was cheap. Even so, despite the strange pronunciation in some of the lyrics, the tune takes on an ethereal and creepy tone when taken in context with the events it accompanies. Definitely one of the highlights of the entire game.

Did I miss anything? Post your favorite Deadly Premonition songs in the comments below!