We are now in the haunting month of October and the staff is feeling the spirit. From blasting monsters in Resident Evil 6 to catching monsters in Pokémon we will all have our hands full this weekend.  

Kimberley Wallace: Every October, I devote myself to survival horror games. Right now, I’m going through a replay of Silent Hill 2. I love how the story still draws me in right from the get-go. I’m actually really impressed with how well the game’s sound holds up. It still gives me the heebie-jeebies, especially when I hear the enemies in the distance or my own footsteps crunching the leaves. Also, I was able to borrow a copy of Resident Evil 6; the mixed reception has me even more curious to see what the game is about. 

Jordan LaPorte: As far as games are concerned I will probably be spending most of the weekend continuing to play Tokyo Jungle. I bought The Avengers on Blu-ray this week so more than likely I will spend a decent amount of time watching through the film itself along with the special features. Finally, the Detroit Tigers begin their postseason run on Saturday so I will be trying to find some way to watch that game, or listen to it at the very least.

Tim Turi: This weekend I’ll try not to dive back into Resident Evil 6, because I really should finish as much of Borderlands 2 as I can before XCOM: Enemy Unknown comes out. Oh yeah, somebody also beat my Super Hexagon score on Hexagoner mode, so I need to go reclaim that crown, too. 

O’Dell Harmon: Well I have run out of new games to play, so I will most likely download Sonic Adventure 2 on the PSN to get me through Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I will pick up my copy of Pokémon Black Version 2 and will disappear from reality for most of the day. 

Ben Hanson: Every once in a while it pays to work at Game Informer, because this weekend I'll be playing more Dishonored before it is released. I also keep telling myself that I'll go back to Borderlands 2 but scheduling co-op can be a pain, so I might just continue to dink around with iOS games and Pokémon White Version 2. Have a good weekend!

Mike Mahardy: I’ll be breezing through Resident Evil 6, I am loving it so far. I have yet to try any other campaign besides Leon’s, but I’m excited for them based on the 6 hours I’ve already played. Outside of investigating/battling bioterrorism attacks, I’ll be enjoying the fall weather and reading Gotham by Gaslight and hanging out with my buddy Axton in Borderlands 2.