This week in mobile sees an addicting new block game and a huge update to an RPG classic.

Name: The Bard’s Tale - Update
Developer: inXile entertainment
Price: $5.95
Platform: Android

Not only is it funny, but The Bard’s tale is a fully realized 3D quest, complete with exploration and combat. The new Android update to the game includes an autosave feature, in-game purchases for faster progression, and the original 1985 PC title The Bard’s Tale: Tales of the Unknown Volume 1. Considering all of the additions, the high price could very well be worth the updated Android version.

Name: Terrorballs
Developer: Debug Design
Price: $0.99
Platform: iOS

Space pirates have taken over a ship headed for Earth. This sounds like a job for: Terrorballs. In this trajectory game, you control the angle and power at which the projectiles are fired in an attempt to breach the core of the ship. Too bad the name Spaceballs was already taken; that would have been perfect.

Name: Planetx Puzzle
Developer: Pumpkin Entertainment Inc.
Price: $0.99
Platform: iOS

Building on the tried and true formula of a block game, Planetx Puzzle adds a meta game in the form of planet building. Different sets of cute aliens must be matched to increase each planet’s energy level, resulting in new blocks every time the planet evolves. The addiction of a block-matching game combined with that of a progressive upgrade system is bad news for everyone. 

Name: Gutter
Developer: Aren Valijan
Price: Free
Platform: iOS

Gutter requires quick thinking as you guide a stream of water from one point to the next with varying blocks. There are 40 levels in all, and the flow speed increases with each passing one. The later levels could prove challenging, and considering this game is free, why not?