Since Lou Albano first donned Mario’s blue overalls in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, gamers have had a fascination seeing their favorite digital worlds realized in live action. With the launch of the webisode series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, we’ve collected several first episodes from other internet series.

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn

The first episode of this series focuses on a squad of young space marines undergoing training exercises.

Alan Wake: Bright Falls

These bizarre episodes introduce prospective Alan Wake fans to the bizarre, Twin Peaks-esque town of Bright Falls.

Assassin’s Creed – Lineage

Set before Assassin's Creed II, this web series follows Ezio's ancestor, Giovanni Auditore.

Mortal Kombat Legacy

Forget the campy antics of the Mortal Kombat film, this first episode focuses on gritty firefights and action.

Dragon Age: Redemption

Felicia stars in an elf at this live-action tie-in to the fantasy universe of Dragon Age.

Portal: No Escape

This glimpse into a flesh-and-blood Chell's tinkering with a portal gun is a short film and not a series, but we'd like it to be.

Coming in 2013

These are a couple live-action webisodes confirmed to be coming next year:


Street Fighter: Legacy

What do you think of live-action series based on your favorite games? Have you watched any in full? Can you suggest any that didn't make our list?