We're less than a week from the massive Modern Warfare 3 launch, and FPS fans are sure to be dumping dozens (if not hundreds) of hours into the game's multiplayer in its first few months. While Black Ops focused on a new currency system, some of Modern Warfare 3's biggest tweaks are coming in the form of its killstreak reward system. For the first time in the series, players will assign a "strike package" to their custom classes that governs what rewards you can expect. Read on to decide which one sounds best for you.

Assault Strike Package

This package will feel more familiar to series fans than either of the other options. Like in previous games, this package will reward you with a variety of (mostly) offense-based attacks, but your streak count resets upon death. If you're good enough to rack up several successive kills without dying, here are some of the tools of destruction you can look forward to:

3 Kills - UAV. One of the oldest killstreaks in the series, this sweeping radar will reveal enemy locations on your HUD's minimap.

4 Kills - Care Package. A random assist item dropped from a helicopter at a location of your choosing. Just make sure you're not under a bridge when you throw the beacon.

5 Kills - Intelligent Munitions System (I.M.S.). This deadly proximity-based weapon looks like a giant land mine, but it's more sophisticated than that. Once an enemy steps within its detection radius, the I.M.S. launches an explosive at them. Great for defending flags or hiding near bottlenecks.

5 Kills - Predator Missile. Controllable death from above, which the player views as a first-person missile cam.

5 Kills - Sentry Gun. A turret that you can pick up and place in strategic locations on the battlefield.

6 Kills - Precision Airstrike. Once activated, the player chooses the location of the initial strike as well as the direction of the jets. Great for taking out clusters of enemies.

7 Kills - Attack Helicopter. An A.I.-controlled chopper that fires on enemies until its designated time runs out or it's destroyed by enemy fire.

9 Kills - Strafe Run. Five helicopters perform quick sweeps of the battlefield, taking out enemies that don't get to cover quick enough.

9 Kills - AH-6 Overwatch. A small chopper acts as your guardian angel, hovering near you and taking out anyone who means you harm.

9 Kills - Reaper. Call in several targeted missile strikes from an overhead view.

10 Kills - Assault Drone. A remote-controlled drone that can drive around the battlefield and take out enemies with its on-board weaponry. Lets you take out enemies while staying out of harm's way.

12 Kills - AC-130. The feared air support reward is back, and it once again puts you in the gunner's seat of the massive AC-130 aircraft. Sure to get your enemies running for cover.

12 Kills - Pave Low. A stronger version of the attack helicopter, featuring more powerful missiles, better armor, and flares that deflect incoming missiles.

15 Kills - Juggernaut Armor. A personal suit of Juggernaut armor that also grants the wearer a light machine gun and the Scavenger perk. Allows players to take far more damage at the expense of mobility.

17 Kills - Osprey Gunner. A combination of chopper gunner and multiple care packages, it allows you to lay down fire while delivering helpful packages to your team.