Wario has proved that numerous games can be made starring the antagonist of a successful series. From full series like Wario Land and WarioWare to individual titles like Wario World, Wario's Woods, Master of Disguise, it's clear that full retail games can be fashioned around the bad guy. Even longtime baddie Bowser played a main playable role in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. However, Nintendo obviously hasn't felt as confident about shining the spotlight on his far superior friend/brother/whatever-he-is, Waluigi.

We don't need a Super Waluigi World because Waluigi is an awesome character. Nintendo has never given him much of a chance to show his personality or various quirks. With Wario, we know he's greedy, likes making games, loves garlic, is frequently involved in theft, enjoys riding motorcycles, and is particularly flatulent. With Waluigi, we know he's a jerk. That's about it. The most we've seen of the character since his debut in Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64 is during the (ridiculously epic) introduction to Mario Power Tennis on Gamecube:

He's amazing in that video, from his awesome pronunciation of "Camelot" to his quote of "Take thees, Mister Eyeballs!" that I still don't totally understand. He's funnier looking than Wario, his voice is funnier, and his legs look hilarious when he runs. How is this not starring role material? I'm also a fan of the fact that Wario already had dibs on the upside-down "M" on his hat., so they just turned an "L" upside down for Waluigi. Wario's hat makes sense...his name starts with a *** "W." Waluigi's is a stupid upside-down "L," which is funnier to me.

Nintendo cares so little about Waluigi, they haven't even explained what his relationship with Wario is. We know Mario and Luigi are brothers, but the Wa- brothers' relation isn't as clear. Not even his trophy description in Smash Bros. seems to know:

I want to support Waluigi as much as possible, but there's not much to do outside of purchasing the keychain and doll that I already own. I haven't been able to find more merchandise of this purple jerk other than those two items, which is a shame. This could all be rectified with the creation of the long-overdue Super Waluigi World. Give the guy some quirks, give him a personality, and make him fun to control. I'm not asking for a detailed backstory, as that's never been needed for the other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo clearly doesn't hate the character considering he keeps showing up, so just give the guy his own game already.