Back in 2007, New Line nabbed the rights to a Gears of War movie. Four years later, and we're hearing reports that the project is deep in development hell. We'd like to do what we can to help, so I put together this list of casting suggestions for the possibly upcoming film.

Marcus Fenix - Dave Bautista

This former WWE star left wrestling for Hollywood last year, and he's a dead ringer for the muscular lead. Plus, the amount of emotion and acting required for Marcus seems to be right at Dave's skill level.

Augustus Cole - Lester Speight

Former football player Lester Speight is the actual voice-over actor for former thrashball player Augustus Cole. Casting choices don't get much easier than this.

Damon Baird - Paul Walker

Richard Prescott - Bryan Cranston


Queen Myrrah - Lena Headey


Jace Stratton - Ludacris

Anya Stroud - Scarlett Johansson

Samantha Byrne - Elsa Pataky


Dominic Santiago - That Biker Dude From Raising Arizona


Adam Fenix - Iron Man Jeff Bridges

Dizzy Wallin - True Grit Jeff Bridges

Clayton Carmine - Kenny McCormick