Have some spare time this long holiday weekend? Stranded with family and no gaming console in sight? Check out GI’s playlist of fan films (perfect popcorn fodder) below.

Unwilling to wait for their favorite franchises to hit the big screen, these fans decided to take matters into their own hands. On the following pages you’ll find several standout series, all funded and executed by the extraordinary efforts of devotees. Some are a bit cheesy, while others have a flair for the dramatic. All of them are impressive in their size and scope, though, and an entertaining expansion to your favorite franchises. 

Enjoy the marathon of footage below.

There Will Be Brawl

Runtime: 10 episodes, 10-25 minutes in length.

Release Year: 2009

Synopsis: “In a Dystopian Mushroom Kingdom, corruption and avarice reign supreme. Even the greatest heroes of the land have buckled beneath the overwhelming will of the amoral elite. When a series of grisly crimes pushes an unlikely champion to seek the truth, a mystery unfolds that could completely destroy everything he holds dear.”

Website: therewillbebrawl.com

Warning - this isn't the Mushroom Kingdom you remember. Not all content may be appropriate for children.

There Will be Brawl: Episode One