Over the years video game characters have quickly come and gone without warning. Like a one night stand, you enjoy the short time spent with these individuals and really want to do it again sometime, but probably won’t. Ever. They won’t return your phone calls and probably won’t be showing up at your doorstep for another go anytime soon. Here are a few characters who we had some good times with and would like to see more of, even though they're not coming back.

Nero (Devil May Cry 4)
A demon slayer with a “smokin’ slick style” very few possess (the only other being Dante, of course). He was last seen wielding a Red Queen Sword, Blue Rose revolver, and Devil Bringer a.k.a. his wicked right arm, all of which was complemented by a mean two-legged kick. Nero spent a good chunk of DMC 4 committing acts of bada**ery and wasn’t too much of a man to shed the occasional tear. We hardly knew you, Nero, all because Dante came along and bumped you from the spotlight for about seven missions. Typical Dante.

Auron (Final Fantasy X)
Hands down Auron was the most BAMF of the entire FFX crew. He’s a legend among the people of Spira for helping defeat its biggest threat and carries on to protect a young girl on a pilgrimage. Legend has it that during an epic battle, Auron suffered from a fatal wound and crawled all the way down Mt. Gagazet before finally losing strength and dying. The salt-and-pepper haired, sunglasses at night wearing, mystery man draped in a cloak is a ghost. A zombie. An apparition. Someone we wanted to see more of, and no, the Kingdom Hearts cameo wasn’t enough. We hardly knew you, Auron. Instead of focusing on Tidus the crybaby, FFX should’ve given Auron more face time.

Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
Ghost’s nickname was a clear giveaway of what would be his unfortunate fate in the single-player campaign of CoD: MW2. He was second in command of Task Force 141 and easily recognized for the iconic dark sunglasses and skull-patterned mask. The lieutenant was last seen leading a strike team in search of a Vladmir Makarov at a safehouse loaded with intel. After an intense run for your life bonding moment with this character, your boy is shot to death and tossed in a ditch. We hardly knew you, Ghost (however, if you are interested in learning more about his exploits prior to his untimely demise, you can check out the comic miniseries, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost).

Kane & Lynch (Kane & Lynch series)
Take a corrupt merc and a schizophrenic psychopath and you have the makings of what could be an amazing, narrative-driven series of third-person action titles. Instead they somehow got themselves mixed into a mediocre debut and an even worse sequel. This pairing has undeniable potential that will hopefully get the justice they deserve on the big screen, though we’ve all seen how poorly movie adaptations of games perform at the box office. We hardly knew you, Kane and Lynch. Maybe it’s time to leave the life of crime behind and get a clean start. Or not. Don’t shoot.