Several games are headed to Kinect for its launch this November, but few of them are targeted towards established gamers. While Dance Central is certainly out of familiar territory for the gaming crowd, it has several elements that may make it worth a closer look – even if you insist that look occurs in the dark of your basement, far from prying eyes that can observe your meager dancing skills.

In fact, Dance Central is built from the ground up for non-dancers. Guitar Hero and Rock Band never billed themselves as music games for musicians; their appeal derives from bringing music performance to people who otherwise might never have that experience. Likewise, Dance Central is structured to teach dancing to people who feel like they have two left feet.

Dance Central includes three gameplay modes. Break It Down is the gateway practice experience that challenges players to master individual moves before progressing. It includes a number of tools to help your learning, including the ability to slow down the beat as well as body tracking that shows which appendages are out of place.

The second game mode, Perform It, is just what it sounds like. A single performer stands in front of the Kinect camera and completes a dance routine. The easiest difficulty setting involves mostly simple movements with lots of repetition. The hard setting is more in line with what you’d see in a music video of the song in question

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