Call us crazy, but we think one of the most fascinating things in game development is seeing how characters change from the time they're first sketched out to when they appear in the final game. BioShock's Little Sisters started out as lowly slugs before evolving into the cute yet sinister girls we're more familiar with. And most recently, Sam Fisher underwent a makeover from scruffy bum to, well, Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Dead Rising 2 is certainly no exception, and we're bringing you an exclusive look at how Chuck Green has changed throughout the development process.

In these early concepts, it seems that Chuck poached more than a little mojo from Half-Life's Gordon Freeman. Looking at his outfit, he at least looks like he's ready for the zombie apocalypse. That shot on the left looks like it was taken from an entirely different game idea.

Chuck's cleaned up his act a bit in these next shots, trading his Road Warrior apparel for an outfit more in line with his motocross roots. We're not sure who the lady is, but she's certainly laying into our hero. Sheesh.