It’s a real simple game. You’ll read a passage told in the first person from the perspective of a video game character and you have to guess what video game character is speaking. Not hard right? Maybe...maybe not. In any case, whoever guesses the right character first will be rewarded with getting to do next week’s entry. In that way, this little game will keep going on it’s own, provided the winner isn’t a spoil-sport and decides not to bother. Therefore, if you end up winning and don’t feel like doing it, be sure to inform the original poster so they can let the person who came in second get a chance. As for rules, anything goes really. You can make up clever subtitles if you so please. Just remember, the object of the game is not to give away the answer, but to prevent the character in a way that forces others to think about who it possibly could be. So in other words, DON’T BE TOO OBVIOUS. Also, the character can be literally anyone OR anything, so long as they are from a video game. Koopas, Kratos, a Big Daddy, Master Chief, Meatboy...they’re all fair game. So then, without further is the first entry! :D

It’s so dark. It’s so dark. It’s so damp. But, god **BRAAAHHHH**! It’s so dark too. But I can’t move just yet. I can’t miss my chance. I can’t. I saw her wandering around earlier again. I managed to get a little closer, but not close enough. And that damn screaming. If I don’t move fast enough, she’ll scream again. And I barely managed to get away in time the last time. All I need is a little more. Just a little more. A little more.

A rumble? Wait! That was a howl. A dying whale! Is that damned thing dead then?

Crying! She’s crying! She’s alone. This is perfect! I just have to be quiet and sneak up from behind. Can’t let that little brat slip away. Not this time. And then I’ll have enough. I’ll take this city on my own! I’ll be powerful enough to lift it from this watery coffin. Screw the sea. That’s where he got it wrong! If we are like gods, we should be where gods belong.

I am a god! I was a renowned physicist for Christ’s sake! And all this damned city has done is left me destitute. I feel more impoverished than the beggar from the mainland I shoved down those stairs all those years ago. If he saw me now...God, if he saw me now.

He’d laugh if he could stomach my face. He’d probably vomit instead. I can’t even look at myself anymore. But it won’t matter. Hephaestus was just as much an Olympian as Zeus. Hesphaestus controlled the power of Zeus. Without Hesphaestus’ craft, what would Zeus throw?

I have become Hesphaestus. But I’ll be saving the lightning for myself. All I need is a few more inches of utter silence. Just look at how the pathetic thing wails and moans over that monstrosity. Who the hell is Mr. Bubbles? Not that it matters. Mr. Bubbles is about as dead as she’ll be in just a matter of moments.

I can almost grab her now. My fingers can practically feel the dampened fabric of that torn little dress. I can--

Wait! Why? Why am I staring at the ceiling? Footsteps? From behind? Who is that? A man? He’s picking the girl up...cradling her. No. No...he’s...MY ADAM! Why can’t I move? She’s changing? Her eyes aren’t glowing anymore...

I can’t see. I was so close. How could he kill me? Me?!

I’m not die...


Alright! Now it’s your turn to guess. At the end of the day, I’ll leave a response on the winner and then it will be that person’s turn to write their own little story for next week.

A bientot!


P.S. I’ll try and make a nice little banner for this game later...