It's nice to see that more people are getting involved with GaMe already. While I knew the second week was going to be...interesting...given Le Hannibal and Jolt's friendly rivalry on here, I doubt anyone could have expected to see some of the blogs we got. Everybody did a remarkably good job and I find myself even more impressed than last time to see how well each one captured the spirit of Gameify Me in their stories.

So then, without further ado..adieu...ado? it ado? Whatever >.> are this week's GaMe blogs!


Arkham Aftermath by Jolt

Le Hannibal says: I think everyone was expecting an Arkham City related post from Jolt due to our..."disagreement". But definitely nothing like this. Taking advantage of previous comments between the two of us, he wove a hilarious story together where I donned the cowl...may have been a cheap store bought cowl, but Jolt made me Batman nonetheless. And I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as when I saw the gleeful pee paragraph.

Personal thoughts: Not so much the content, but the phrasing itself got to me in a lot of parts. Jolt's post was cleverly wacky and it's nice to see that you guys have no issue teasing each other from time to time. Now, of course...if this sort of rivalry appeared in every post, then I'd be worried.

Oh f#@%



Chaos In Rapture by DJH

Le Hannibal says: DJH is building a reputation for putting out quality lists, but he strayed from his A-Game for this post where he injected me into background plot in Bioshock. He took someone who played almost no part in the grand scheme of the games plot, and crafted something completely unique. He avoided humor and opted for the dark and mysterious atmosphere that Bioshock was known for, while also making me a brick in the process. This great piece came out of left field. Also there was a random Jolt murdering in it, so that was cool.

Personal Thoughts: I loved DJH's last post, but I think this one somehow managed to be ten times better. It was an incredibly creative post and I loved it for essentially the same reason as Le Hannibal. DJH didn't turn him into a super hero or a villain to make him a significant character. He demonstrated knowledge of the source material as well as that of Le Hannibal to craft an organic-feeling story.



The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was... by The Great Cubone

Le Hannibal says: A re-occuring theme throughout these blogs was my "rivalry" with Jolt haha. And with good reason. Over the past couple months that I've been here, we've poked fun at each other, and he's had a major part in my start. The Great Cubone based his blog on our feud and dropped it into the Pokemon universe. From the start of the blog to the finish it was incredibly intense, and finished it off with a one on one showdown between a Pidgeot and a Gyrados, and ended it with Jolt and I making peace. Cubone displays his story telling ability with grace here.

Personal Thoughts: Cubone certainly capitalized well on the well-known rivalry like others, but he does go a different path. After some crazy suspenseful fighting, I loved that in the end Jolt's and Le Hannibal's friendship was emphasized more than one of them dying. I think it serves as a good reminder than Gamify Me is not just about getting to know others better in the community, but also emphasizes the aspect of making new friends.



Dancing Legend Le Hannibal by Chris, the savior of the galaxy?

Le Hannibal says:  In one of the most incredibly insane blogs I've ever read, Chris The Savior of the Galaxy? had me in a dance off against Han Solo. Last week he had N7Kevin dancing to save the Amazons, and this week he has me dancing to decide the fate of the dancing universe. I laughed throughout the entire blog as I danced against the likes of Ricky Martin and the entire cast of dancing with the stars. He also included my catchphrase from my Xbox Live account "Challenge Accepted". All while sporting a mustache.

Personal Thoughts: Insane doesn't even begin to describe it if you ask me. Folks, Chris is clearly crying out for him. He's got a dancing addiction and, while I am happy Chris is using GaMe as his outlet, something more drastic needs to be done. I say each time we catch him dancing we scream at him likes he's a puppy who just wet himself until he does...maybe. I don't know, that's kind of weird. Exactly like Chris's entry though. Strange, but funny, as hell.



Le'Hannibal. Dovahkiin. DRAGONBORN! by Stranger

Le Hannibal says: The first paragraph of Strangers blog is a rib cage busting testament to the rest of his story. Stranger also included Jolt, but this time as a (cheap shottingorc. While injecting hilarity throughout his story, he decided to make the final battle more mental than what appeared to be a physical struggle. He ended arguably with my defeat, as Jolt passed away with a smile of solitude. Stranger is known for his thought provoking blogs, but for this particular piece he showed off his versatility.

Personal Thoughts: Stranger's entry is another excellent example of seamlessly melding an established game world with the characters of real life people. I like that Stranger included a few other GIO members in his post, but keeps the focus still on Le Hannibal. It gave his entry a bit more sense of community. Also.... "THE BAT, MAN! GET IT AWAY! FUS RO DAH!" made me spit out my



Le Hannibal, Republic Commando by Sorryjzargo

Le Hannibal says: Sorryjzargo rounded off this weeks GaMe blogs, and ended it with a to speak. Saint is a Jedi Warrior, and Jolt and I are Republic Commandos, who are expected to carry out the notorious Order 66. Jolt and I square off for a final physical battle, as he tries to carry out his orders, and as I go against them. Sorryjzargo created his own unique fiction that could have easily been a true event in the Star Wars expanded fiction books. He avoided cliche and instead of writing about my beginning, he wrote about my death...and Jolts. Most importantly Jolts. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER


Personal Thoughts: Bad almost gave away the ending lol Ah who am I kidding, these endings are all pretty obvious, not that it makes them any less entertaining. Like DJH and Cubone, Sorryjzargo chose a more serious tone and it really works. I'm glad that we got a nice mix this week. Sorryjzargo's own in particular manages to capture the epic spirit of the Star Wars universe rather well. It also again emphasizes Hannibal and Jolt's friendship as well as their rivalry.


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