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Jim Reilly Facts

Sad but true, Jim Reilly has not been working at Game Informer for some time now. To say that his spirit lives on though is actually a bit of an understatement. Jim Reilly wasn't a frequent Replay or Super Replay contributor, but the times he was there were memorable. Jim Reilly, as he will always be called; never just Jim, and never just Reilly, had this tendency to be able to guide the Replay Crew through difficult times, like an all seeing, all knowing guru. He doesn't hold your hand and walk you through something, he offers advice to make you get through it.

There are many of us who miss Jim Reilly, his love of Dark Souls and McDonald's food; and yet many others do not know of his wonders. So in order to help us understand Jim Reilly; included below are a list of Jim Reilly facts.


When Jim Reilly plays Resident Evil 3, it becomes a game about Jill Valentine relentlessly stalking Nemesis.

Jim Reilly beat Silent Hill 4: The Room in 30 seconds, by opening the front door of said room.

Skyrim's Dragon Shouts and their effects were all based off recordings of Jim Reilly snoring

Typing the Konami code in backwards during Contra unlocks Jim Reilly mode in which every enemy has 30 lives. This is the only way he plays Contra and has beaten it every time.

Jim Reilly finds most Final Fantasy games to be confusing as when he plays them, all the characters instantly rename themselves "Jim Reilly;" even the NPC's.

Jim Reilly can swallow ghosts in Pac-Man without needing a power pellet. If he eats them while using a pellet...they never come back. Never.

They didn't come back in Ms. Pac Man either.

Jim Reilly once beat the Elite Four of Pokemon Red, with two Magickarp, a level 12 Pidgey, and a Metapod.

Jim Reilly once scored a four line tetris using the square block tetrad

When Jim Reilly uses the warp whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3, it brings him to Ice Ice Mountain in Mario 64

Jim Reilly has never played the original Metroid. Every time he's plugged in the cartridge it instantly became Super Metroid. Incidentally every time he plugs in Super Metroid it turns into a being of pure energy.

Dark Souls died 742 times trying to beat Jim Reilly; then it gave up.

Production on McKids 2 shut down after it was found they could not secure the rights to Jim Reilly's life story.

Superman 64 is in actuality, the most beautiful game ever made; it's just masked by the fog that only Jim Reilly can see through.

Despite having beaten Blaster Master over 300 times, Jim Reilly never knew there was a controllable tank until he recently watched someone else play. Until then he'd beaten it completely on foot as Jim Reilly does not pay attention to superfluous things.

Jim Reilly used the Time Stopper weapon from Flash Man to beat all of Mega Man 2... including Flash Man.

When James Sunderland enters Silent Hill, he sees Pyramid Head as a manifestation of death. When Pyramid Head enters Silent Hill; he sees Jim Reilly.

Jim Reilly plays Duck Hunt with the Super Scope. The dog has not laughed at him once.

Tradewest once apologized to Jim Reilly for making Battletoads too easy.

Don't bother playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors with Jim Reilly; the zombies refuse to wake from the dead out of sheer fear.

Jim Reilly once shot an innocent during a game of Lethal Enforcers. The game paused itself while the civilian apologized for getting in his way.

Bootleg copies of the 1998 Michael Bay film, Armageddon consist of cell phone footage of Jim Reilly playing Asteroids with Steve Buscemi and Bruce Willis. It's much better than the original.

Jim Reilly once locked on a Sonic & Knuckles cartridge to another Sonic & Knuckles cartridge. We now know this moment as "The Big Bang."

If a dolphin were to poke out Jim Reilly's eyes and destroy his jaw, he'd vomit out Vortex Queens.

Jim Reilly turns on his shower by whistling Song of Storms.