This was it. Finally. I was able to go to GenCon for the first time since I was 17 and learned how AWESOME it was. The fail, to get it out of the way, was that I could only go for one day. A new job and no vacation time yet meant that I was limited. That limitation wasn't a bad thing, but it definitely felt way too short.

The cost

It was 50 bucks to get my one day pass. A four day pass was 80, but considering I had no interest in Sunday (I go to bed by 9 most nights for work. I get up at 440 am.), this wasn't a bad deal. I car-pooled with my brother-in-law and my sister and we went. I must admit, the parking wasn't bad on the cost. $20 all day and we managed to find spots relatively close to the elevators to get us to the Skywalk to the Convention Center.

The pass

It wasn't as if I purchased the pass online and obtained the right to print out my unique pass. I had to go and wait in line. If ANYONE reading this goes, get it online the night before you go. There's a line called "Will Call" and it's MUCH shorter than just plain jane-ing it to the front. As before, it was $50 and I also obtained a coupon book!

What did I do?

This is where the meat and potatoes get dished up. There were many things to do, but most of them had to be signed up for previously before they started. You could get some event tix easy there, some generic tix as well that could be used for anything, but some of the hardcore gaming would only take the event tickets. There were limited seats, so unfortunately there wasn't much that could be done.

But Epic Professor, what did you do then?

So glad you asked, voice in my head. You see, there's this outrageously awesome shopping area in the Convention Center. We're talking a giant, hulking, awesome blend of games. Board games, card games, miniature games, I mean, this was the holy grail, ali baba and the f***ing million thieves. I gave myself a budget and it was SO HARD NOT TO GO OVER it. Here's a small list of what I bought:

  • A ring that has two spinners on it resembling 2D6. This was by CritSuccess and you can find them online and get any ring with any dice roll on it for $20 about. I paid $18 for mine and it didn't say "GenCon prices only" or something like that.
  • 2 MTG playmats. One was Bruna, Light of Alabaster and one is a woman riding a dragon. I call it an MTG playmat since it was primarily bought for this purpose.
  • 3 Pacific Rim and 2 Amazing Spider-Man Heroclix. I've recently found this game to be quite enjoyable. While I might not be the best, you can thank Pacific Rim on me wanting to get into it.
  • 7 total MageKnight Boosters: These are a bit interesting. I bought them primarily for nostalgia. This game died a long time ago to Heroclix but someone told me it was returning. I don't know what format(s) I can use the first figures in, but some of them look really awesome (I'm looking at you Steam Golem).
  • 2 Modern Masters MTG Packs. Didn't get jack out of them but it was fun still. There was everything there... we're talking Power 9 (don't know what they are? Educate yourself son!), old cards that shouldn't exist (banned for reasons obvious), etc. It was all the excitement of having too little for too much.
  • I didn't buy it, but I had my pic taken and superimposed onto a Yu-Gi-Oh card... before you ragequit, just know it was AWESOME. Though I'll admit, I thought the dude that was on it would've been cut off.
  • GenCon Dice. My first purchase and I don't regret it. These purple dice rock.

What I didn't buy but wish I had

  • Swords. I'm not kidding, actual swords were there. It was like Christmas for those of us who love pointy objects way too much. They had one of a Keyblade as well, which surprised me.
  • The D&D History Book. Forgetting the title off the top of my head, but it sold out on the first day of GenCon (hence my wanting to go all four days).  Too bad, that was one buy I really didn't like missing
  • LE Dice. We're talking one of a kind sets, rare minerals being used to forge these things and become amazing. I have my limits though... $80 is quite a bit for a small set of dice.
  • Art Prints. Just way too out of my range. That is, unless I just wanted to not get anything else at all.
  • A copy of Galadriel's or Gandalf's rings from LoTR. Not in my size (size 14 here) so missed out. Too bad, but there's always next year.
  • Tickets to any MTG event. If I hadn't found a group of casual gamers that played while my siblings went to a two-headed giant sealed M14, I think I'd have blown my own mind trying to find something to do.

Overall experience

I met and took pictures of some cosplayers. I've been considering it myself for next year and think I could fit Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You... or Neku Sakuraba. There were quite a few of them but I'm quite shy outside of the internet, so it wasn't so easy asking random strangers. Me being me, the first one was actually digging into a pizza... but who misses out on snapping a shot of a Little Sister? I had quite a good time overall I think, the lack of tickets hurt me though and to be honest if I hadn't shopped almost all day, I'd not have any fun. This is one event you MUST prepare for. I didn't, I didn't have nearly as much fun as I thought I might. That being said, that's not a negative on GenCon's side, but on mine.

So save up your money, splurge like crazy and come to Indianapolis, IN for GenCon 2014, August 14-17!!