As you can plainly see from the title; there will be lots of pictures (10 a week to be precise), and it will be a weekly thing. As far as writing goes this will be the longest part. I intend to add captions to the pictures that need it, but I guess some maybe self-explanatory. These pictures maybe funny, sad, beautiful, or whatever. Some pictures maybe be a little graphic (NO NUDITY [EVER] DON'T WORRY), but I'll try not to go bonkers with gore-y pictures an whatnot. Also, a lot of the first few weeks will contain a collection of some of my old pics, but as time goes on I'm going to start utilizing my giant Steam library to get some fresh new pics. Seriously, I just have tons of games sitting there. Some I've never played, and a lot I have yet to actually play on Steam, so I think this will be a good opportunity to get my money's worth out of the Dev Package deals. Lastly, a decent amount of images will come from Guild Wars 2. I absolutely adore the art style, but I promise to have some variety each week. AND NOW, WITHOUT ANY FURTHER STALLING...


First, simple. Awesome shot of the Borderlands 2 original protagonists (pretty sure Maya and Zero are sharing a telepathic thought of "****, that buff dude is REALLY short...").


Next up, the infamous 'Tebowing' reaches Hyperion Industries on Pandora.


Here we have some simple, but awesome character model mods for L4D2. I'd give credit where it's due, but the whole thing's a mess since Steam Workshop opened.


First GW2 picture on the blog, and one of my favorites.


The lighting on this one is a little weird, and I haven't tweaked it, but as you can see Max Payne is having another rough day.


Far Cry 3: Pig Bobs For Own Apples


On the New Vegas strip. Apparently the people enjoy, but I wonder what the robot guards will think?


Weird Skyrim bug, but best Role-Play ever... THE FACELESS WARRIOR!


Sylvari Style Dancers (Me and my brother discovered the best part of GW2 that day)


Look at that swag.


That's it for this week. I know; a lot of images to take in and understand. You must be really blown away, but stay tuned for next week, because I'll blow your mind with more STILL IMAGES! Whoo! ;)