This is the second entry in a new blog series I started where I talk about memorable levels and bosses in games. To be clear, when I'm talking about The End in MGS3, I'm talking about the boss, not the end of the game. By the boss I don't mean The Boss, who you fight at the end. I'm not referring to The End, but - forget it, I'm starting to confuse myself.

MGS3 has some pretty memorable bosses. A flamethrower equipped Russian astronaut who wants to set the world on fire, a guy who controls bees, a lightning shooting GRU Colonel, and a one hundred year old sniper who's photosynthetic (gains energy from the sun, like a plant) to name a few.  This blog is about the last one.

There are many boss battles that test your reflexes, quick thinking, marksmanship, and the like. To my knowledge, there aren't any like The End. It goes in the opposite direction; Testing your patience, ability to take something a task slowly, and think. 

You fight him in not one, but three large areas. He's very well camouflaged, and he'll sit in one place for long periods of time waiting for his target. Running around like an idiot will get you shot quickly, and his darts drain your stamina even more quickly. You've got to take it slowly, find his position, and shoot him before he finds and shoots you.

You've got tools and tricks that allow you to find him more effectively, though. Like the Directional Mic, which can be used to pick up the sounds of his breathing and give you an idea of where he is. The Thermal Goggles can be used to track his foot prints, assuming you reach them quickly. If you get near him, he'll throw a stun grenade and run pretty fast for such an old person, so this is useful for tracking him after he does this.

The End is a formidable opponent, and every time you get the drop on him or shoot him it's satisfying. Once you finally defeat him, after the long, slow paced sniper battle, you'll feel accomplished to say the least.. That's part of why I chose The End for the second in this blog series: It's one of a kind.

I decided to make posting the music i listened to while writing these blogs my new tradition, like the Joe Juba reference at the end of my reviews.